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It has been a little over 4 years ago that I purchased my sweet girls from Eva Weaver of Ephrata, and I still get asked daily (even though we now live in North Carolina) where I got them. They both have different but wonderful personalities, and it has been obvious since day 1 that they were well cared – for as puppies. Eva went out of her way to keep both of them until Alliyah weighed enough to come home with me. Today they are happy, healthy, energetic and affectionate little girls who I can’t imagine my life without. Thank you Greenfield Puppies and Eva Weaver for matching me with the best Morkies imaginable!

Renee Fisher

Three weeks ago we drove from southern NH to pick up our beautiful chocolate lab puppy from breeder Ephraim Huyard in Bird in Hand, PA. It was such a pleasure working with this gentleman. We now own one of the sweetest, gentlest, and friendliest puppies you could ever imagine. She is healthy and happy in her new forever home ! Thank you Greenfield Puppies for helping us find this wonderful dog.

Andrea & Bill

Meet Penny! We drove to Strasburg Pa from N.H. to get this smart, sweet GORGEOUS girl! She’s 12 weeks old now, and we are already smitten. John Beiler was a very nice guy, and helpful too. Could NOT be happier!


We are sooooo happy with our GSD we purchased on December 8, 2016 from a very nice young man/breeder in Morgantown, PA named John Jr. She has been a great addition to our family. She loves children, is super in teems of agility, and a great protector as well. She is super smart and really sweet. I hope this message reaches her breeder. We could not have foubd a better pet and look forward to doing 4H agility with her in the future. She is great in the car, goes everywhere with us! We love her!!!

Elizabeth & Sarah Kauffman

couldn’t be happier with my new best friend chase(kolby), a silver lab purchased from breeder david blank. he is such a good little boy! chase had only one accident inside which was on day 1 at the hotel, he has learned to sit on command in 1 day, plays fetch like a pro. chase was purchased with the intention of receiving intensive training to be my service as im a disabled us army vet. due to his calm and obedient behavior we made our first trip to the VA hospital on day 5 and he was absolutely amazing. he walked with his harness and leash like id spent years training him. I COULDN’T BE.HAPPIER WITH CHASE AND WOULD RECOMMEND THIS SITE FOR ALL YOUR PUPPY NEEDS!


Hello, first of all, let me say I tried to adopt a Jack Russell terrier for over a year, but either none were available, or someone else beat me to it. Says alot about the breed. Yes, this breed does take a special owner, but seeing how my older Jack, L.C. now 15 years old in the photo with Sadie, has always been a laid back, quiet, cuddle bug, I know they are out there. With LC getting up in age I knew a new sister would be good for all of us. Enter my Google search and finding Greenfield puppies. After several weeks of viewing “Gina’s” (now Sadie) photo and video, I made that call to Calvin Beiler of Gap, PA. After a lovely ride through Amish country, I ended at a beautifully maintained farm and found the mother and father Jacks running free on the property with the clean, and healthy pups. With the whole system Greenfield has, I would not hesitate to find another puppy this way again, if all adoption efforts fail. It’s been over a year with Sadie now, and we couldn’t be happier. She was completely house trained in 5 months.

Vanessa E Brown
Thank you Greenfield Puppies! After a six month search for the right pup, we found our Bellebuggies…she joins her new sister Ladybuggies and brother Sykesy. Some call us brave having 3 Jack Russell Terriers, but we just love these dogs, and Greenfield Puppies has the best selection of this breed. So, we are blessed again with our new addition.
Janet Faust
We recently lost our 9 year old black lab to lymphoma… he was a joy. My wife and I began looking for another big boy. An AKC contact suggested going to this website. After seeing the reviews and looking at Stephen Martin’s video of his lab pups, we called Stephen and made an appointment to see the litter and the dam. We drove over 300 miles from our home in MA to Mohnton, PA. We met Stephen and his family… very nice Menonite people. The pups are raised in a family environment… dam was on site and was warm and friendly as we met her pups. we saw pictures of the sire dog… beautiful yellow lab. The transaction was professional… all AKC paperwork was in order… Vet check… initial vaccination and de-worming. Very happy… nice people to deal with.
Gary Gustafson

We were very fortunate to find Preston (renamed Moose) from breeder Amos S. Fisher in Strasburg, PA. We were particularly impressed with the very high quality puppy food our shichon had been started on by the breeder. First class small, family breeder and a wonderful, well socialized and well adjusted puppy. Our 2nd very successful Greenfield puppy experience with a small breeder in PA. Thanks Greenfield and Amos S. Fisher!!

Dennis & Cindy McCarty
We purchased a Dorkie from Laverne and Linda Shirk. Her new name is Pickles! She is now a 2 pound 3 ounce ball of perfection!!
She is the sweetest puppy ever. I am so VERY pleased we made the trip out to get her. It was a slight challenge to find the breeder’s home, but my husband is a farm boy at heart and loved the family farms along the way. So it was a good adventure.
Thank you Greenfield and Mr and Mrs Shirk!! We love our baby so very much!
Truly Blessed,
~Sheila & Henry~
Sheila & Henry

My teenage children and I adopted Liam and Myerlee from Mr. Stephen Stoltzfoos in Ephrata PA about a month ago. We are extremely happy with the new additions to our family. I have been looking for a dog on and off for about two years at the urging of my children. We started our search at our local animal shelter and could not find a small hypoallergenic dog so we started looking other places, including many online sites until I stumbled upon Greenfield Puppies. I fell in love with Liam at first sight and my children fell in love with Myerlee, his brother. I found myself calling Mr. Stoltzfoos about an hour later and setting up an appointment to pick them up that next weekend. We took the four hour drive from Pittsburgh PA and found everything as I imagined it would be from the video and pictures on the website. Mr. Stoltzfoos was professional and friendly and answered all my questions. Never having had a dog before, he put me at ease with his good advice. I was also impressed that his place was so immaculately clean and charming. Now, a month later, we are very happy together–Liam and Myerlee are very loyal and loving. We get lots of dog kisses and they love to play together. My children are learning a lot caring for their puppies and I am very proud of my children. I am also very proud of Liam and Myerlee who have adjusted so well to living with us. Thank you Mr. Stoltzfoos for taking such good care of Liam and Myerlee and thank you God for creating such loving creatures for us to enjoy.

Sharon Doherty

We purchased “Sal” from David and Annie Beiler. He is now our “Max”. He was gorgeous in the pictures, but even more amazing in person! We could not be happier with this new family addition. Thank you so much to the Beilers. I highly recommend this breeder. Wonderful to work with.

Misty M.

I bought my baby Belle, a puggle from a breeder in Quarryville PA. She was born January 15th 2016, I picked her up March 15th at exactly 9wks old. I did wks of research on breeders. Many phone calls later I was lucky to find Greenfield puppies. The reviews were good. I also checked the Better business borough for complaints. I saw the puppies on YouTube. I researched the breed and the breeder. Spoke to the breeder and made an appt. Then my boyfriend and I drove from NYC to PA to pick up our baby girl. I met the breeder, a very pleasant Amish gentleman with his kids. He took us into the barn and showed us the litter. Right away we were extremely impressed with how absolutely healthy and happy these puppies looked. Amazing. She was the first one to run into our arms and it was love instantly. I could not put her down. The transaction went well, he gave us the paper work, answered our questions and we took our baby home. An amazing experience. I was so impressed with the Amish breeder that I have referred multiple people to them. We did not want a puppy from a pet store or a puppy mill. Many friends here in NYC have gotten puppies from pet stores and these dogs have so many health issues thst we specifically did not want a puppy born to a pet store or who had questionable breeding. We have never regretted our decision and truly feel thankful to Greenfield puppies. My baby is beyond healthy. We have never had a health issue with her. Not one. I actually regret not getting another puppy from the same litter. We would love to know if she has any brothers and sisters out there. Thank you Greenfield puppies. The best decision we ever made.

Abigail Pierre

I purchased a Cavapoo from John Beiler from Bird in Hand, PA. John was so helpful in answering my many questions, returning phone calls promptly and helpful with shipping our new puppy to Florida. I definitely chose the right breeder and dog and couldn’t be happier. Thank you again he will bring us many years of joy.

Tara Ward

My mother and I drove from NJ to PA to pick up our new German Shepherd puppy on December 3rd, 2016. Quincy, who is now almost 9 months old, is a wonderful addition to our pack. He is sweet, loving, mushy and a beautiful smart boy! The entire experience, from picking him out on the Greenfield Puppies website, to calling the breeder, driving to get him, and meeting both him and the breeder was easy and pain free! The breeder was wonderful, sweet and patient. Their property was maintained well and all the puppies were in great health. I work in an animal hospital so I knew what to look out for with bad breeding or possible mills. My mother and I were blown away with how beautiful he was and how lovely the whole experience was. The breeder was very receptive and returned my calls right away and set up a date for pick up 3 days later. They had all of Quincy’s paperwork and let us have a look around their farm. The breeder even gave him a bath before we got there. I, without a doubt, would go through this process again if and when we decide to buy another puppy. We had tried many times to adopt, and we’ve adopted two dogs, and unfortunately adoption isn’t always easy when you want a specific breed. We have had no health or behavior issues with Quincy and he growing up to be a wonderful companion. Thank you Greenfield Puppies and thank you to the breeder (Fannie and Jacob King) for such a pleasant and amazing memory that my mother and I will always have!

Ava Himsel

We drove 4 hours to pick up our little fella and sure glad we did! John King couldn’t have been any nicer through the entire process. We selected Waldo, whom we renamed Maverick. He was such a happy healthy little fella who gave me those much loved puppy kisses when I picked him up the first time! John gladly showed us Maverick’s mother and father, both with excellent, friendly temperaments. Maverick is our lucky #7 Doberman and we couldn’t be happier with the entire process of adopting him. Thanks John!!!

Cindy Ayres

My husband and I got our puppy on May 13th from Gratz PA and every day with her has been this best! She’s so adorable and has become our best little friend! We got her from Naomi & Jacob Zook. They always got right back to us and very helpful with any questions we had. We drove 5 1/2 hours to get our fur baby and it was quick and easy when we got there. The grounds were very nice and so was Naomi. Would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for an adorable pup. Thank you Greenfield puppies!! We wouldn’t get a dog from anywhere else.

Meghan & TR Cunningham
I got Trista Toy Poodle from Katie Huyard breeder from New Holland, PA. My new name of my Poodle is gigi and she is a great dog very well behaved and very healthy never had any issues.
Joseph Cabasso

I must have searched the GFP site for 6 months looking for the perfect dog. I wasn’t sure of the breed I just knew I wanted a cute and healthy pup. After a few tries and no response I had given up. One particular day I logged on and saw “Lacy” I immediately fell in love and had to have her. I called Ruth Beiler immediately because I didn’t want to miss my chances with no answer I left a message in hopes of getting a response. Later that day Mr. Beiler contacted me and said he wife would call my back the following day to discuss the puppy. After a lot of rain and a few hour drive I am delighted to say Lacy who name is now Kola has found her forever home with me. Ruth was so pleasant and nice to do business with she allowed me to see the mother and all the other pups from the liter. If ever in need of a puppy Ruth Beiler of Quarryville PA is the way to go! Thank you so much Ruth Kola is gonna be loved and taken very well care of!!!!


We searched Greenfields for six months looking for the right puppy (Ladybuggies) for our Greenfields male Jack puppy (Sykesy) to play with. We found her and immediately called the Amish farm to meet her. At 8 weeks we brought her home. She is half the size of our male Jack, but still the alpha, full of energy and antics that has lit up our lives–we never know which ear is up! Without a doubt, Greenfields has the best variety of dogs, and especial Jack Russell Terriers. Jacks need a special owner and lots of room to run — they are loyal dogs and extremely social. We are truly blessed…and now looking for another Jack puppy to match the size of our big male Jack…

Janet Faust

We got Moleigh on April 17. She is a beautiful little girl with a sweet temperament. She is from Quarryville. Her Breeders Sarah and Jacob were very nice to us. We feel very blessed to have this little girl join our family.

Shari Boltz

1101-A oak ave
Mr. Tobias Glick and his daughter Adrianna very sweet very wonderful people. He had a small litter and said it was his first litter which meant a lot that we werent dealing with a quote unquote puppy mill. Every one of their puppies were beautiful healthy and well taken care of. I recommend these kind loving people to anyone who would love a healthy sweet loving soft just everything you would want in a puppy. The puppy obviously is the most important. However, Mr. Glick and his daughter are such loving people and it was obvious they loved the four little baby puppies they had. Mr. Glick was loving and caring to his puppies, he knew this was no joke to me and he treated me so special. He answered every question and every call. And at the end of each call he would always say “I just want someone who will love them and medically take care of them.” There is no doubt Mr. Tobias Glick is not a puppy mill, but a man who truly loves and cares for his puppies more then he cares about the money.” Thank you Mr. Glick Fiona is a spoiled brat.

Deborah Meszaros
We picked up Cooper and Quinn on April 19, 2017. They are simply amazing! Linda and Eli were a pleasure to deal with and kept our puppies an extra two weeks so we could go on a previously planned vacation. Cooper and Quinn have already bought so much love and craziness into our home – the best decision was getting two! Having siblings is lots of fun…they do everything together. If you are looking for pug puppies look no further then Greenfield Puppies and if you are lucky enough to adopt from Linda and Eli I can attest you will be getting a super cute pup!
Adrienne Kamalsky



We drove 2 hours from Central NJ to PA to pick up our puppy. She is a great assest to our family, and is acclimating well. She is playing with our cats, who have no idea what to make of her, the youngest playing with her like a little “sister”.

Fred and Jenny Boas
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