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I wanted to give a vote of confidence to anyone considering purchasing a Beabull puppy from Eli Stulzfus. We received Bella at 3 months old and the vet gave her a perfect bill of health. We couldn’t be happier with our little addition. She has enriched my life in so many ways. Thank you Eli!!!


This is my little boy Happy from Bristol,CT. I adopted him from Sara King in Myerstown PA. We have had him now for almost 4 weeks and he his the life of the home. Happy is such a well tempered puppy with a great disposition. I take Happy EVERYWHERE with me and he is more than eager to come. He knows to sit/lay down for the car ride and is content in his bag on my shoulder or in the front seat of a store carriage. Sara King and her family have done an exceptional job raising and breeding their puppies. I couldn’t imagine my life without him. I would highly recommend and I do to anyone looking for a smaller breed dog. Thank you GFP puppy finder and thank you to Sara King and your family. Amy Lynn Murphy and Family

Amy Lynn Murphy

Pete and I chose Dutch from a litter of Boxer pups from in Ronks, PA about 4 weeks ago. We’ve had him home with us in Hoboken, NJ for nearly 3 weeks now. One of the first things we noticed is how quickly he learns and how to navigate in his new environment. Dutch has the most friendly mannerisms towards people of all ages – children and adults. He has the innocent jovial clown-like attitude that all Boxers have and makes us laugh every day. He is popular with the neighbors and they love to say hello to him. Dutch is a pleasure to have as part of our little family and we truly couldn’t be happier to have him come into our lives. He is well loved in our home. Thank you GFP for being a fabulous, responsible, respectable breeder. We will recommend you to future potential Boxer families. Sincerely – Pete, Melissa, and Dutch

Pete & Melissa

This is my little boy Gizmo Jones. He is three years old now and Finally about to reach ten lbs. I picked him up one rainy night in Paradise, PA from the Byler family. It was they brought me a four lb puppy named Danny at the time. I instantly fell in love with him. Thank you so much green field! He is apart of me that I never knew I could love so much!

Yasmine Jones

I got zoey from Jenn Air on 8/29/12. She was 8 weeks when we picked her up and she has been one of the best dogs i’ve ever had. She was up to date with all her shots. Her temperment is very mellow and she is super smart already. She only messed in the house 3 times and now is totally house broken. She is picking up new tricks every couple days. She has 5 tricks down as of now. Jenn has a very nice breeding set up. Most all her dogs are out and running on her property. She has horse stalls setup for breeding and everything is very sanitary with animal bedding all over. I was very leary about getting a puppy from GFP and I can’t speak to every breeder on here but Jenn Air is very trustworthy with very sweet and very well balanced dogs. I wouldn’t hestitate for a second to get another mini aussie from her.


My stepdaughter bought her dog from Greenfields and we just love her so I purchased Lucy Lu (Jenny) at the end of August 2012. She fits in well with her new family. She is sitting with her new big brother Casino. We took her to the vet and they gave us a clean bill of health. Thank you!


We got our little baby on August 7th, 2012 from breeder Ben King, Honey Brook, PA….Phucche (previouly named as Hank) is a great puppy. He was just 8 weeks old when we got him. He has been great addition to our family. When we got him and took him to vet, we were so worried when vet said he have worms and he was having diarrhea…but seems to be pretty common issue with puppies… gave some medication since then, touch wood, he is healthy little puppy. Growing very fast and very active. We just love him. Thank you Ben for giving us our little bundle of joy.


ber 30,2012

Keisha is 8 months old. She is growing her winter coat now. Loves to chase rabbits and squirrels .Thank goodness she can’t catch them.

Don Keer

We adopted this pomeranian from you. He is so very happy, loved, spoiled and growing with us. We could not be happier. We named him: Ervin Ziggy Stardust and all who meet him go crazy over his sweet coloring (like a black and white cookie!). We love him so so much. He has lots of toys, does two walks a day, sleeps and grows and is so affectionate. Just wanted to say thank you. He is loved by all and cared for with lots of affection.


We bought our boxer puppy from GFP a few days ago. He was so kind and very professional. We are so happy with our new boxer and she has brought the spunk back to our 6 year old boxer. He wasn’t the same after our female boxer passed away in May. Gretl(female boxer puppy) is well behaved and a wonderful addition to our family. I would recommend Greenfield Puppies to anyone I knew. Thank YOU!!


Dash joined our family 5 months ago and he is the most amazing thing that came to us! He is the most playful, happy and healthy puppy ever! My boyfriend got our roommate to pick him up in Pennsylvania and the breeders let her meet the mom and look around, they were very helpful. I would recommend Greenfield puppies to anyone looking to get a little one to expand their family!


Here is Nitro on his first birthday we got him from Jacob Esh .he is the most loving dog he moved in and made our 3yr old boxer happy they get along great but not surprised I think there the best breed for families . I would highly recommend greenfield site to anyone looking for a great puppy at a good price and best selection.


We purchased 16 week old Dezal, formally Fluffy from Mr. John Fisher in Quarryville, PA. Dezal is a happy, healthy puppy that loves to play with our son and she is a great addition to the family. Thank you greenfield and the Fisher family for the new addition to our family.

Waites Family

We couldn’t be happie with the addition of Lucy to our family. She is the perfect dog for us! She was very healthy and happy when we brought her home. She continues to bring joy and fun to our lives. A great big thank you to John and Ester Stolzfus for our newest family member.They were wonderful to work with and you could tell Lucy came from a good place. I recommend them to anyone looking for a cockapoo!


We got Hunter in August of 2012. We love him so much and he is probably the best dog out there. Almost 4 months old now and he is getting big. So many compliments on our little boy. Levi Lapp was wonderful to work with as well, honest and very nice!! Thank you for our new addition to our family with love him a lot!!

Derek & Heather

We got Juneau our weechon almost 2 years ago from a breeder in Ronks and we couldn’t be happier with her! She has the most amazing, outgoing, loving, and not to mention fearless personality!! We couldn’t imagine our lives without her anymore! We are hoping to find another weechon in the future! Thank you for perfecting our little family!!!


We want to thank J Blank from Narvon, for making our family complete. We knew as soon as we arrived that you were a top breeder, and you love each and every one of your beautiful Rotties. We have named our new baby Zeus, and he is healty, happy, and growing very fast. We would recommend you to anyone looking to bring this wonderful breed into their family. Thank you again!!!

The Bingamans

We got our puppy from Jen Miller in Bernville~ Our children’s first dog and we are so happy with Reese. The first two days he missed his family and friends, but he is just the perfect puppy now~ and he’s learning everything so quickly! Thanks so much to the Millers for giving Reese such a great start. He is very social and lovable and well behaved. Greenfield Puppies was a great way to find our family’s new best friend!!! 🙂 <3


My boyfriend and I just got Lokke (who is three months) on August 25th and we could not be happier with him. We’ve been to the vet and so far he has a clean bill of health. We’ve been wanting a puppy for a while now, and this site was perfect for us. Much better than going to a pet store and being limited with your choices. So glad there are SO many different breeds on this site; It made picking a dog I wouldn’t be allergic to so much easier. And the breeders were very nice and friendly to us. My mother even decided to get Lokke’s brother, now named Gizmo. We are so please with this site and if ever we decide to get another puppy, this site will definitely be where we find him/her.


We are madly in love with our soon to be 6 month old American Eskimo mix puppy, Poppy whom we got from Amos King in Gordonville, PA. Pops was the last in her litter of 6 pups, but she was just what we were looking for – a happy, healthy, spunky, well-adjusted puppy. In a few weeks she starts obedience classes. She’s so smart, I know she’ll catch on quick. It was a great experience buying a puppy through Greenfield Puppies. Thanks!!!

Nanina d'Onofrio

One month ago I bought the best puppy ever from Jen Miller. She was very knowledgeable about dogs and I found she has been breeding for 30 years! Bernie ( he’s original name was Kermit ) is a bright, playful, and friendly puppy. Thanks greenfield puppies!


We LOVE our bigger family! We have had Diggy for a few months now and we can’t believe how much personality he has for a 5.5 month old! He likes to cuddle when we do, but has no problem running around outside all day either. We still keep in touch with the Fishers from Ronks and are so pleased with them, that we are thinking about getting a second dog! They don’t make dogs more handsome than a Rottie, and don’t make people easier to work with than the Fishers 🙂

Jr and Cara Lucas

We took a ride to Lancaster, PA on Feb. 1, 2012 to pick up our Shichon puppy, Ollie. I saw his picture on the Greenfield puppies website and just knew he was the right puppy for our family. It was like he spoke to me and said, “Pick me!” There were several other Shichon pups for sale. My 12 year old daughter had been asking for a puppy for a few years. I showed her the pictures and asked her which one she liked and she said Ollie! He was a little skittish when we first brought him home but within a few days was right at home with us! He is so smart. He knew how to fetch from the first week we brought him home! He quickly learned his routine and was easy to housebreak and crate train. He seems to understand everything you say to him and he loves his toys and treats! He does get carsick but has been getting better with that lately now that he is 9 months old. We get him groomed every 4 to 6 weeks because we love it when he is soft and fluffy! We love our Ollie!

Debbie M

We found our Suzie on Greenfield Puppies and are very happy. She is a beautiful dog and we love her so much. I hope everyone has the same experience with Greenfield that we have.

Nancy Araujo

Keisha at months. Loves ice cubes, hates hot weather. Sits,shakes hands and is loving to go and meet people.

Don Keer
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