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Me and my fiancé got our Maltese puppy from Eva Weaver this past December and it was an amazing experience. Eva is such a sweet and kind woman, you can tell she really cares about her puppies. She gave us pointers on how to best care for our puppy as well as let us have food and treats for her to go home with. We have her puppy she named Eden and renamed her Luna and are completely in love. She is very healthy and well behaved. We couldn’t be happier
Caite Sinibaldi

I was searching high and low for Bernedoodle, and I couldn’t find a breeder in Louisiana, nor Texas (Texas, didn’t have any available at the time). I ended up finding Greenfield puppies and searching for days for the perfect Bernedoodle. Then one finally appeared, Sasha! Oh my lord I fell in love with her, I called the breeder (Eldon & Kristine Miller) and immediately said “I WANT HER” and that was that. I paid for her Friday and she came via airplane to Louisiana on Tuesday. She’s such a silly good girl and I’m over the moon happy! Greenfield helped me find such great breeders, and without Greenfield I wouldn’t have my baby Sasha here with me today.


Special thanks to the Esh family from Bird-In-Hand for the beautiful Cavapoo, Caroline. We could not be more happy with our new pup. She is everything you described and more. The day I met Caroline is a day that will always be remembered with great joy. Thank you, Katie, David, Ruth, and Mary E, I am forever grateful. Would highly recommend the Esh family if you are looking for a loving, happy and healthy pup.


I wanted to express to Greenfield Puppies how helpful it was finding our new Maltipoo puppy he was named Norris from the seller but we re-named him Dash. I was a bit unsure of how this entire experience would be BUT I could not be happier. We found the seller Jacob King to be quite friendly and returned my calls in a timely manner, and he has the puppies well kept in his home. I took my pup for his first visit with our Veterinarian within 2 days from getting him, and he checked him out and he is a nice healthy, parasite free bouncy soon to to be 16 week old so far everything is good. We are so happy to have Dash in our home.

Thank You Jacob and Greenfield puppies for a great experience.


We got our Cavapoo puppy on January 13th and since then, our life has gotten so much better. Our breeder, Rachel S. was amazingly friendly, helpful and understanding. We want to thank her and to this great website that made this purchase possible. Kelsie is healthy, growing bigger day by day, so playful and cute. Thank you.

Tim P
I love my Rotti puppy. The Breeder, Omar Glick (Amish) 717-656-7791 in Bird-In-Hand, PA was Awesome!! I had concerns with buying a puppy raised in a barn….. but, I’ll always get my puppies from Omar in the future. She was afraid of the inside of the house, two days she loved it! She was house broken in a week and half!!!! In two weeks, she knows sit, down, fetch, ring the bell to go out, wait, release, stay and in case of emergency, where the pee pad is and use it. The farm was in great shape, clean smelling barn and the dam & shire where delightful dogs. I’m very very pleased with the puppy and my experience with Omar. A great breeder and cares about his puppies.
Trace Kelly

I had been in the market for a healthy AKC purebred Akita pup for quite some time. During the course of my online search for a quality Akita breeder I stumbled upon the Greenfield puppies website. I immediately became interested in quite a few of the puppies that were advertised by the various breeders in the state of PA.

Ultimately I decided to contact Elam Stoltzfus…an Akita breeder located in Paradise, PA. We spoke briefly and set up a date for me to drive up from Charlotte, NC. All of the puppies were beautiful 3 month old females but Kaji stood out because of her all black face and mottled black, white and tan markings. It only took me about 1 minute to choose her and I have not regretted my decision for even a second. She is a healthy, super- smart, and all around gorgeous example of the Akita breed. Elam was a through and through professional who clearly loves his dogs and had all of the paperwork for Kaji ready when I arrived at his farm. A big thanks goes out to Greenfield puppies and Elam Stoltzfus for giving me a superb Akita pup who I absolutely adore.

Jeff Miller

Our Jackapoo pup Rex came as advertised! Loving,Playful,well mannered and love kids. Me and my Wife wasn’t sure that we wanted to be a dog owner but Rex changed our minds and he’s such a pleasure to come home too every day. The breeder John Stoltzfus and his family did an excellent job raising Rex. He’s well behaved,uses his wee wee pads and loves getting petted on the couch. We were surprised on how fast he learns and pick up on things. When we brought him home he was terrified of steps but now he’s a pro. Thank you so much for your services and connecting us with our forever member of the family. Sher Lewis and Family.

Sher Lewis
I had been searching a lot of rescue sites to find a poodle who could keep up with our 15 month old poodle and tolerate our 14 month and 8 year old grandsons. After months of checking the sites several times a day, we came to the conclusion that we were not going to find a poodle to fit our needs. Then I started searching for another puppy who would grow along with our “kids”. There were so many beautiful poodle puppies to choose from but my eye stuck on Toby’s (formerly Trotter) picture and video. We contacted the breeder and went to meet him the next day. Needless to say, he came home with us and is such a joy. He had his 1st grooming session today and what a spectacular coat! Although he has only been a part of our family for 2 weeks, he is a very good “fit” and we love him to pieces! 💗
Wanda Miller
I wanted to express to Greenfield Puppies how helpful they were in finding us our new Boxer puppy. I was a bit unsure of how this entire experience would be BUT my husband and I could not be happier. We found the seller and his wife to be quite friendly and while we were able to meet Cruzer’s Mom, she was a bit uncertain of strangers in and around her puppies. We have now had our first visit with our Veterinarian and she has checked him out and he is a nice healthy, parasite free bouncy 10 week old. Thank You.
Trixie L

We were looking for awhile to find our English Mastiff. We spoke to Leroy Stoltzfus and his son Dave a few times before we headed to Leola, PA (Lancaster County) on Friday January 18th, 2018. We met with Leroy and his son Dave. They showed us the English Mastiff puppies. (some names are: Maverick, Maxwell, Mikayla, Marshall, Moby…..)It was so hard to choose. Fell in love with all of them. We decided to give Maverick a new home. We fell in love with him on line and even more when we met him (new name: Barney). Barney is 9 weeks old today. Barney is very playful. He has brought so much happiness to us and our kids.
We definitely recommend Leroy and and his son Dave Stoltzfus in Leola, PA if you are looking for a new fur baby for your family.

~~~ Sharon and Frank ~~~

Sharon and Frank

We got Ivy yesterday from Yuri in Winifield PA
She’s an 8 week old goldendoodle. Yuri was great in helping us choose the right pup for our family. He was very patient!


at first i was not very sure about getting a puppy through a breeder, but it was always one of my dreams to have a corgi …so i went ahead for it, it was the best decision i ever did …now she is adapting quickly at her new home, and getting along great with her big sister, once again my little shelby and i are happy, we lost a lot of people and a dog we loved last year, this year time to start the year with life, laughter and all the good things that money cant buy ….love from a happy puppy and a dog …..once again i can smile after loosing my husband of 27 years from cancer lastsept 7….

Amparo Kline

I just want to thank levy for everything he did to get our kiddo to us. He was very helpful with the shipping process and always kept contact with me. Thank you to greenfield for bringing light into my life with this awesome pup. She is everything and we are happy to have her in our family.


Purchased our beautiful, playful Aussie from The Fisher Family of Holtwood, PA in late December. I initially visited the Fisher family to choose our family companion in early December and the Fishers kindly took care of Lucy until we were ready to take her home, two weeks later. My family loves Lucy Lou (previously Tori) and couldn’t be happier with our choice of pup! Thank you, Eli Fisher!

Anna Marie
We got our puppy almost a year ago and we absolutely couldn’t be happier with her. Greenfield puppies brought us to a Doberman Breeder after being horrobly let down through (was terrible, bought a dog, we got jerked around for a month and told the dog had been “killed” we are assuming he was bought out under us) but we came here and everything was so simple and by the end of the weekend we had our Freya who we couldn’t love more! It been almost a hear and I still suggest people use greenfield puppies.
I have been meaning to write a review of our experience purchasing our puppy from the Stephen Zook family, and sorry to get around to it so late. We purchased a puppy from them in late October. We dealt with his wife on many occasions before purchasing our puppy, because it was our first dog and we needed a hypoallergenic dog for our daughter. Phone calls were returned very timely, and she was very patient and kind in answering all of our questions. The puppy we fell in love with, Alice, was a poodle/terrier mix, so we wanted to be sure it would be ok. When we went to pick her up, we spent some time there with our daughter holding her, and there was no allergic reaction. The Zook children brought the puppy out from the house, and they too were patient, smart, and answered our questions very well. We were concerned about what we read online about puppy mills, but if this was a mill, they were masters at hiding it. They lived on a beautiful and clean farm and all the animals around us seemed content and well cared for. We saw the mother dog, who was calm and walking around freely. There was a litter of puppies in a clean and spacious kennel. Our puppy was very social from day one, and I believe handled very often and kindly by the children. Our puppy was happy and healthy and we love her. Then within days my daughter started to have allergic reactions. We called the breeders. Since we paid cash, I was worried I had no recourse, but they were completely willing to give us a full refund. Knowing how much we wanted this dog, they also suggested some Amish ways of helping allergies. We tried that, and we also found as long as the dog doesn’t lick my daughter’s skin, she is ok. And we were able to keep Alice! It’s been two months now, and we are still thrilled with our puppy, and feel like the Zook’s were fair, honest, and sold us a happy and healthy puppy. If we ever want another puppy, I will not hesitate to buy from the Zook’s again.
Donna Godoy

We recently purchased our precious havapoo (January 6, 2018) from Aaron (Enos) Fisher in Paradise, PA. We were very happy with the whole experience and highly recommend him. We purchased Dutchess (her original name) and renamed her Nala. Mr. Fisher and his family were very kind and patient in allowing us the time to choose which puppy would best fit with our family. We could see that Aaron Fisher cares for his dogs. Nala is now a part of our family and we love her very much!

Michael Lefkowitz

We recently purchased an adorable shihpoo puppy from Sarah Lantz in Lebanon PA., and we were very happy with our experience. His name was Jeff and we renamed him Brady. Sarah was very accommodating, as we did not want to pick up the puppy until right before Christmas and she held him for us until we were ready to call me and get him. He was the very best Christmas gift that our family could have asked for. Our girls adore him!! We hope that he will be a happy healthy puppy for many years to come!!

Christine Wentworth

Belle has now grown into a beautiful middle sized short legged Jack Russell Terrier and keeps up with her brother, Sykesy and sister, Ladybuggies. All three came from Greenfield Puppies Amish farms in PA. They are the greatest dogs and the most fun–smart and social. The game of bones/toys is a regular at our house…and playing in the yard with fetch the ball is another. We are blessed to have these dogs in our lives.

Janet Faust
My dog is almost a year old and he’s absolutely the sweetest animal we’ve ever had. He’s a labradoodle, who we’ve been training to be my ESA, or Emotional Support Animal for my depression and anxiety and he’s helped more than anything. I had begged for a dog for my entire life and we had finally gotten one and we couldn’t have gotten a better one than Rudy. He’s absolutely everything to me and I love him more than anything.
Stephanie Dezelin
In June our Golden Retriever Abby passed away at 12 years old. After losing Abby we were not looking for another dog. Then we went on Greenfield Puppies just to have a look. That’s when we came across a Cavachon named (Duncan). Everyone fell in love with his picture. I contacted the breeder, John Stolzfus. The next day on August 4, 2017 we were on our way to pick up our new baby. It was a really nice experience and John was very friendly. We decided to name our new fur baby Loki. He’s been wonderful and has a great personality. Loki fits right in with our family and he has been such a great joy. Thank you John Stoltzfus and your family for our new puppy.

Growing up I always wanted a dog, specifically a golden doodle but due to my dad and brothers allergies, they wanted to play it safe and get a full bread poodle. The miniature poodles that we found on GFP were just too cute to resist !! We contacted many breeders and found the perfect one. We were very pleased with Levi Stoltzfus and his puppies ! Bailey is such an amazing and well behaved puppy. To our surprise she came potty trained to go on the wee wee pad. My father and brother are doing great with her. She’s such a happy, healthy, and sweet puppy. It was definitely worth the trip and we hope to get our next puppy in the future from GFP 🙂


Today is Samsons 1st Birthday and this guy has been such a joy to our family! He is friendly, social, FUN, /a little mischievous at times, loves people, dogs and cats alike. I would recommend,anyone wanting to welcome a Pembrook Welsh Corgi into their family to Mark and Mary Stolzfus. We love our puppers and enjoy him everyday.

Kim Rekito
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