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I purchased Koda (before known as Toby) in October 2012 (he’s 3 now) and I have never been happier! I saw him on here and HAD to have him! He’s turned out to be the best pup I’ve ever owned and can’t thank my breeder enough for his perfect temperment and outstanding working traits! He exceeds in all dog sports (agility, flyball, and disc) and we will be competing this winter!! I will soon be purchasing another border collie 🙂

Megan Sternberg

I am so thankful for finding my puppy here! I had been looking for a long time and when I saw him I knew I had to get him! He was originally named Abel,but now he goes by simba and he is an amazing pup. I am so glad I’ve gotten to see him grow and become such a fun loving part of my family.


I adopted Jake from Jacob Esh in Kirkwood PA. His original name was drake~ He is absolutely the best decision I have ever made. He is a great dog, very kind and gentle. He loves to play and I could not be any happier with him~ Thank you Jacob.


 I adopted Cooper and had a wonderful experience. Mrs. King had been true to her word, and took such good care of all the puppies. I have been asked when they are having their next litter. Cooper is basically trained already and gets along with my yorkiechon. I would recommend doing business and getting a new furry friend from the King Family in Gratz PA. I had a very good experience. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a great puppy!!

Jean Marie

On 5/2014 We knew we wanted a German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) but weren’t sure where to start. After searching several rescue sites for a local young GSP we happened upon this website and decided to go to Leola, PA for a visit. We met Heidi and Jimmy Glick of Leola, PA who were truly fantastic to work with. They were very flexible with our changing schedule and we loved the spacious yard where the puppies could run around and socialize. They are a small breeder- just two dogs and this was their GSP’s first litter. Heidi had all the appropriate paperwork for me and answered all my questions and concerns. We could not ask for a better family dog. Our now 2 year old GSP, Cassie, is an excellent companion for our three children who adore her. She is in excellent health and the most well behaved dog I’ve met. We’ve remained in touch with Heidi. We would highly recommend Heidi Glick if you are looking into adopting your own GSP.

Alison Bartleman

We adopted/bought Beauty on April 9th,from Moses Glick and Moses from the first call where he said he would save Beauty (now Bella Beauty) for us, no deposit required till Monday when we could drive to MD (we could not wait and went Sat), to his flexibility with changing pick up times, Moses could not have been nicer. When we arrived on Sat we had the treat of meeting Bella Beauty’s mom and it was so nice. Moses gave us food, the puppies health recorded and sadly said good by to Bella Beauty, I could see he really cared about the mom and puppy as he wished her a good life. He was not a mass breeder / puppy mill and was not breeding hundreds of dogs, he was a caring person. As for our new puppy we took her to the vet on Monday and she is perfect and adjusting well to her new home and older Labordoodle brother. We could tell she was raised with a family and she is almost potty trained, she loves the outside and snuggling in the big dog bed with her brother. Thanks!

Rebekah Greenberg

We purchased a Cavapoo from the Stoltzfus family in Kizsers, PA in November 2015. His name was Cuffy, we changed it to Archer. The Stoltzfus family was very nice and went over his care, feeding and vaccinations with us. The puppy looked in good health, clean, bright eyes and clean ears. He immediately sat in my daughters lap and started licking her face. We took him to the vet the next week and the vet said he was very healthy with a beautiful coat. He is such a love bug. He loves people and other dogs. He was easy to house train and is extremely smart. We had a great experience with this breeder and could not be happier with our puppy. Thank you!


Can’t Thank my breeder enough for such a beautiful mix puppy that he created. He named her Amber and we couldn’t change it, it fits her so well, She is 4 pounds and she is so cute, happy and healthy and we love her so much. She brings us so much Joy. Her health was great when we took her to the vet. The breeder is great and we got a great health guarantee we cant wait to get our next pup from him next year.


I was so nervous of getting my puppy in Lancaster, PA due to puppy mills and all the research I have done. However, I decided to go to this breeder’s home to check their Pomeranians and I feel in love with Lua! She is the cutest little thing! The price was very reasonable and as soon as i took her to the vet she passed all the tests and was really healthy. I didn’t have any problems and I am really happy with the breeder and Greenfield Puppy 🙂 Also, having 30 days to return the puppy in case of any problems is a really nice and helpful guarantee.


We purchased Susie, renamed Sybbie at John Miller’s farm in Bird In Hand. The Millers were very nice and accommodated our schedule. They were a pleasure to deal with. Sybbie is a happy, healthy, twelve pound ball of love. Everyone melts in her presence. She is very playful and loves to cuddle. She is the most affectionate dog that we have ever owned. We highly recommend Greenfield Puppies and the Millers.

Susan Metz

I purchased a black lab pup from Ivan King and his family and let me tell you the puppy is healthy there home was super clean outside and they where very friendly,they didn’t mind us driving almost 2 hrs away and arriving there at night.My lab is now 7 months old, he truly is an English style Lab he is 70 pounds and still isn’t done growing and he isn’t overweight,he is super smart, knows sits,stay,give me paw,go to your crate,and drop it,lay down,and is fully potty trained literally had like 4 or 5 accidents and that was it….couldn’t be more pleased and he isn’t a heavy shedder like my yellow lab who is a walking fur ball….lol,def.recommend Ivan King


This was our first dog in 35 years of marriage. We got her as a 12 week old puppy. All we knew about Cockaliers is that they were a King Charles, Cocker Spaniel mix. We couldn’t have found a more loving, playful, sweet dog if we had looked forever. We can’t walk Molly anywhere without everyone she comes in contact with wanting to pet and love her. Very intelligent, easy to train, gentle and sweet.

Mike Guilday

I got Koda(formally maxwell) from David in November 26th, 2015. Koda has been fantastic received a clean bill of health after his first vet visit, plays well with the kids, and loves to go out on hikes as you can see in the photo he loves the water. He has the coolest personality and everyone he meets just loves him and he loves them back. I will definitely be considering using Greenfield puppies again in the future.


Breeder David Esh. My daughter Katie and I picked up Alaska (now named Hunter) from David and his family on Saturday March 12th. Hunter was a 10 week old Pomsky – Pomeranian and Husky mix. David invited us into his house where all the puppies were playing. We had already chosen Hunter from the pictures on the Greenfields site but we had no idea how beautiful he was until we saw him in person. Just looking at him melts your heart and gives you warm and fuzzy feelings. The hardest part was NOT taking another one with us. You could tell right away that all the puppies were very well cared for. They all looked happy and healthy and well fed. David provided us with a Greenfields folder with all the necessary information inside including all the shot records. Within 10 days we took Hunter to the Vet and he said that I had a great dog on my hands and that he was very healthy. We love Hunter very much and he is already a big part of the family. We can’t thank David enough for his professionalism and caring of our Hunter. We would recommend Greenfields and especially David Esh to everyone. Karen B.


Gretta is the fifth boxer that I’ve owned. All boxers have their own personalities and Gretta is an absolute sweetheart!!!! She has slept all through the night from day one and the whole family has fallen in love with her. She is a wonderful addition to our family!!!


I was reluctant when I decided to buy a puppy through Greenfield. But I am very impressed! They are friendly, professional and care about the puppies. I would do it again.

Karen Koskoff

We had such an awesome time through Greenfield. We lost our last chocolate in July and finding Archie through Greenfield made everything easier. I couldn’t be any more satisfied with the sweet boy that Archie is becoming. Thanks Ivan for providing such a beautiful and friendly boy for our family.

Julia Demeester

We had what can only be expressed as the best puppy experience when adopting Miggles into our lives from Rebecca. She was kind and loving and it reflected in her car for all of her animals. Muggles came to us and was already house trained! We couldn’t believe how easy it was to transition him into our family. When we arrived we met momma pup and papa in the premises, who were both beautiful . He was one of 13 and Rebecca allowed all 3 of my children into the dog field ( which was very clean ) to play with all of the puppies. These pups were brought up with newborn lambs nearby, and mom and dad within barks reach. It was a very hard decision to decide on which pup to bring home with us, as they were all uncomparably sweet and adorable, but we finally settled on our lil guy. He has been a joy in our lives ever since, and I would recommend going to Rebecca for your family’s labradoodle as well. Thank you


We got a female Newfoundland puppy from Sam Stoltzfus on February 1st. We absolutely love her! She was born November 3rd, and when we got herFebruary 1st she was very well taken care. All of the puppies that were left in her litter were very well socialized and very healthy. Sam Stoltzfus was very awesome to deal with and took very good care of the puppies. We love our new puppy and she gets along great with every person we meet and every other dog she meets. Also the two year old Great Pyrenees we have and her are in love!!! I suggest Greenfield Puppies to everyone now 🙂 !

Alicia & Nicolai Varga

Both my mother and I have adopted puppies through Greenfield Puppies in the last three months. Our puppies are both typical Jack Russells, which is to say they’re little spark plugs with big personalities. Ginny was clearly a great choice for my family, as she’d been raised around kids and was much more cooperative than other Russells about house training. Our vet says she’s in excellent health and sh’s thirived in her first month here, gaining two pounds and growing bigger. We couldn’t be more thrilled with our Greenfield Puppies experience!

Ian Lozada

This is an update from the posts on May 10 and June 15, 2013. Lulu just turned 3 years old. She has been the most wonderful dog anyone could possibly dream of having. She loves people and other dogs and has been in training since she was a puppy. Recently she earned her Rally Novice title, Canine Good Citizen and Canine Good Citizen Advanced. She visits an assisted living home regularly and will soon receive her therapy dog certification. She is currently working on her CD title (companion dog) and is an excellent agility dog. If you have recently given your puppy a furever home, I highly suggest training. Look for a canine club in your area. It will be invaluable for both you and your dog. It will increase your bonding and will keep both you and your pup safe.


We are thrilled with this puppy. We got her October 1 and named her Piper. She is now 8 months old, has graduated from puppy school, intermediate training, and earned her canine good citizen certificate. She is happy and healthy, and part of our family. She likes to chase balls and her squeaky toys. Mrs. Lapp was a joy to deal with, she held the puppy for 4 days until we could make arrangements to come get her.

Claire Goodman

This website brought us to our dream dog’s wonderful breeder, just a few hours from our home. Rebecca made the whole experience of meeting and purchasing our dog a pleasure, and went out of her way to be kind and accommodating. Mocha (now named Albus) came to us at nine weeks, mostly housebroken, sleeping through the night, docile yet playful, and happily socialized. It was the easiest adjustment one could hope for. He has been a wonderful addition to our family, in large part because he was so well bred and trained by the Blank family. Many thanks to Greenfield puppies for putting us in touch with them, and to Rebecca for blessing us with a dog of truly marvelous disposition, intelligence, and character.

Sari G.

My son had been begging for a Siberian Husky puppy for 10 years. On 08/23/2015 my husband and I surprised him with a husky puppy, named Gina from Leroy Riehl, in Lykens Pa. We renamed her Cheyenne. She is extremely intelligent, sweet and energetic. She was farm raised, well cared for and obviously played with by children, as advertised. Thank you to Greenfield puppies and Leroy Riehl for our perfect pup! She was well worth the wait.

Kim Ehritz

I owe Greenfield Puppies and Mason’s (now named Loki) breeder, Isaac Stoltzfus, my life! Isaac and his wife, Esther, were so kind and helpful even before I picked Loki up! I called every day to check on Loki and she was very patient and gave me all of his information. When we picked him up he was exactly what they had described, both personality and appearance wise. He’s such a happy, healthy puppy and he has changed my life for the better! He’s my perfect fur baby and I have everyone at Greenfield puppies and the Stoltzfus’ to thank!

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