Silver Labrador Retriever Puppies For Sale

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Silver Labrador Retrievers, or Silver Labs, are relatively new to the scene. Contrary to their Yellow, Chocolate, and Black cousins, which have recorded sightings from 1800 and before, Silver Labs have only cropped up since 1950. There seems to be a heated debate over their authenticity, as many breeders believe the silver tint appeared from outside the breed. However, genetics has been able to provide more than enough evidence to support that these are 100% Labrador Retrievers. They’re just rare dogs.

A diluting factor in coat color dominance traits is responsible for the silver hue – something that is also present in Charcoal and Champagne Labs as well. The jury’s still out on whether they’re simply subset colorations from their purebred parents, or breeds in their own right. At any rate, they’re regal, loyal, and friendly Labradors that have a lot of love to give!

Country of Origin: England and Canada