Scottish Terrier Puppies For Sale

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The Scottish Terrier, nicknamed the “Scotland Kid”, and also know as the Aberdeen Terrier, is one sturdy and valiant terrier. A popular choice over the years at the Westminster Kennel Club Show, last winning Best in Show in 2010, the hypoallergenic Scottish Terrier was first recognized by the AKC in 1885. One of five terrier breeds originating from Scotland (Cairn, Skye, Dandie Dinmont, and West Highland), the history of this dog breed is a long one although not fully traceable.

The Scottie has left a mark in pop culture as well. The breed has been the “First Dog” of the United States twice, once for President Franklin D. Roosevelt and again for Ronald Reagan. And, how can we forget his role in an all-time favorite Disney Film, playing Jock in Lady and the Tramp? Read on below to learn more details about one of our personal favorites, the Scottish Terrier!

Country of Origin: Scotland