Forgotten Dogs: Bandit from Jonny Quest

BanditBandit, Johnny Quest’s pup, is a bulldog that went on all of the wonderful or harrowing adventures with Johnny. Many adults will look back to The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest and Bandit fondly. But there is way more to Bandit than just being a loyal sidekick. Bandit was a bulldog. Many bulldogs are sweet, relaxed, easy-going dogs that love to be around people and find new adventures. To learn more about Bandit we are going to learn more about bulldogs as a breed.

Bulldogs are medium sized pups. They are somewhat husky and muscular. They have wide shoulders and heads that make them appear top heavy. Bulldogs have a pretty severe over-bite, which can cause drooling and wheezing. They can gain weight easily if their diet is not maintained. If you decide to adopt a bulldog be sure to discuss their diet with a veterinarian to see what is right for them. Bulldogs can also get hip dysplasia and other joint issues because of their skeletal system. This can be avoided by plenty of exercise and a proper diet.

When taking a bulldog for a walk or a hike you will need plenty of water and even more patience. While bulldogs need regular exercise they will protest almost every step of the way. Bulldogs are incredibly stubborn and will often sit down in the middle of a walk. During this time it is best to offer water and sit next to them for a few minutes. This will give them time to catch their breath and they will protest less over time.

When training your bulldog positive reinforcement is your best option. This will keep them from becoming disobedient and disinterested. Have plenty of kibble during your training sessions and understand these sessions may take longer. Your pup will need water breaks and may get frustrated and stop. If they do become frazzled or frustrated you need to simply start over again.

While it may seem like a headache a bulldog was the perfect breed for Johnny Quest. These dogs are endlessly loyal but they are no dummies. While we’ve seen plenty of suspenseful and amazing adventures, I’m sure there was a few that Bandit sat down and decided to take a nap instead.