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“Lassie, Come Home!” The well-liked and talented Collie is a well-respected member of the Herding Class breed of canines. The breed’s origins being Scottish, it was originally used heavily as a sheepherder, but also is extremely effective herding other livestock.

The intelligence of the Collie is well known. An easily trained breed, it will be as quick to pick up on commands, both vocal and hand gesture, as any canine out there. Their place is with their family, so they will not often stray as long as taught well. They do have a yearning to work and learn, so failing to fulfill this want can lead to a disobedient dog, as with any breed.

The AKC recognizes a specific breed of dog as “Collie”, but the fact is that there are many breeds considered to be Collies that do not carry the actual name. Some of the easily recognized other forms of this type of canine are the American “Rough Collie” and the British “Border Collie”, both exceptional herding breeds.

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