Airedoodle Puppies For Sale

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The Airedoodle is an ACHC recognized Hybrid breed achieved by crossing the Airedale and the Standard Poodle. An interesting but not very mainstream cross breed, the Airedoodle has a number of benefits as a breed, such as the Hypo-allergenic properties of the poodle, and minimal shedding. Because of their larger size and energy level, they are not generally suited for apartment living, but are a generally adaptable breed.

A fairly intelligent breed, the Airedoodle should be easy to train, and be good with your children and other pets. If you are looking to add an Airedoodle Puppy to your family, you should be familiar with the two associated breeds in this mix. The Airedale Terrier is an intelligent, stubborn, but generally friendly breed. Like most terriers, it may not care for your cat or other small animals, but early socialization can curb this tendency.

On the Poodle side, you will be dealing with one of the most intelligent dog breeds alive. Non-shedding and filled with personality, the Poodle was once known as one of America’s most popular breeds and is still a consistent competitor a dog shows.

Trainability: High
Adaptability: High
Grooming: Moderate
Energy: High
Size: Large (40 to 60 pounds)
Family Pet: Excellent
Watchdog: Fearless
Personality: Hyper Nephew

When purchasing an Airedoodle puppy you should understand the characteristics of this Hybrid Dog breed. Looking for a new puppy to bring into your family is an exciting process, but having the knowledge of what to expect with any breed is key.

With the Airedoodle, you will want to consider obedience training to curb any tendencies toward being overly hyper and slow the Airedale Terrier in the mix’s Prey Drive. As for the Poodle side, look forward to the presence of the Poodle in the cross to provide stability and loyalty to the dog’s temperament.

All in all, this is an up and coming Hybrid Dog breed that should suit most family’s households with proper socialization and exercise.

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